- The Agricultural Cooperative Union of Zagora-Pilio is one of the oldest co-operatives, since it was established in 1916 by 199 people of Zagora. In 1985,

the cooperative enters a new phase of action of organised commercial enterprise. The brand is enshrined and every authentic Zagorin apple bears the sticker which makes it stand out.

In 1996 the European Union recognises the apples as “Protected Designation of Origin” products. The apples now travel across the world and conquer all international markets. 100 years of continuous production and presence in the agricultural sector!

The Agricultural Cooperative produces apples of high quality, tested and certified with the qualification of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).This distinction certifies that the Zagorin apple is a product of high quality. By using the “Integrated Production” method the Zagorin apple is clean, healthy, tested and this is why consumers in Greece and all around the world trust it.

Agricultural Cooperative of Zagora Zagorin, Zagora 370 01


Piraeus Bank

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Loukas Kourelas

IBAN: GR75 0171 0990 0060 9914 5678 623

ACCOUNT NUMBER:   60 9914 5678 623