Who we are

A Camp that has been held dear to the hearts of campers for years and will be memorable to young ones alike. The Camp is back at the same location, radically renovated and more hospitable than ever! Chorefto is a beautiful seaside village on the Aegean coast, near the village of Zagora.

The history of Chorefto is closely related to the history of Zagora as it has been its harbor for centuries since when the Zagorian ships started their commercial activities in Europe and Asia. It is an ideal summer destination for travellers, combining the pleasures of the mountain and the sea, with its lush vegetation and one of the most beautiful beaches in Eastern Pelion. The beach of Chorefto is 2.5 km long and it is known for its soft sand and its clear blue waters.

We are young

Travel into the heart of Greece. Live life to the fullest, celebrate everything you love about nature and culture.

We are wild

This summer create new memories that words cannot describe. Get lost in the most charming corner of Pelion. A mountain full of colours, unique and unforgettable.

We are free

Let your senses be soothed by the natural beauty of the Aegean Sea. Try surfing, go swimming, enjoy a relaxing coastal walk. Create a life that feels good on the inside.



Explore the Area

Pelion is one of the most beautiful mountains in Greece, with luscious vegetation, gorgeous forest streams and amazing beaches. The area combines the joys of the sea and the beauty of the mountain in the most ideal way.

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Our camp and the surrounding area have a lot of outdoor pursuits to offer. Swimming in crowded or secluded nearby beaches, sea tours, kayaking, theme nights and parties. Surfing, trekking and mountain biking for the most courageous.

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